Episode Five: Juicy Couture Lace Shift Dress

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012 in Episodes | 20 comments



Here we are, the much anticipated Episode 5! This week I recreate a super sexy version of the main staple in every woman’s wardrobe, the little black dress. This project is fairly simple and was so fun to make. Step into some heels and show off those gams ladies, this Juicy Couture recreation is hot hot hot! I’d love to see pictures of your finished projects, I would also be happy to answer questions you may have, thanks for all the support lovelies,


As always, Happy Sewing!



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    OMG, best episode yet, absolutely love this dress.

  2. *

    Another awesome webisode Abby, each one gets better than the last. Your closet must be crazy!!!

  3. Christy

    wow that dress is so cute. im totally doing this project.

  4. Kate Belle

    I wish I had half your talent! I’ll never be able to sew anything that even resembles a piece of clothing… But you’re still fun to watch!

  5. Jordan Hall

    Man, these are so good! You’re definitely going to go big with this. Keep them coming!

  6. Sewsanne

    I first saw one of your demos on a Virgin America flight from LA to Chicago. One of the best parts of the trip! So glad to see you are sharing more fun videos.

  7. Laurel Aston

    Hi Abby,
    Your videos are so engaging! I loved the background music and beat on this one. Very skilled presentation. I will share with others… Laurel Aston

  8. Trevor

    Very cool blog…I could watch you sew shit all day.

  9. ---------Lindsey--------

    I applaud you for having such well-done original content. Most fashion blogs are regurgitated fashion vomit, yours is beautifully done and informative, and you are cute as hell. I’m sharing it with everyone I know. Well done Abby.

  10. Claire

    Vous êtes très doué. J’ai plaisir à regarder votre blog. Merci du partage!

  11. Delilha

    LOVE this dress, such a wonderful blog. Your episodes are so fun to watch xxoo

  12. Peg

    I really can’t tell you how much I love your videos. You’ve inspired me (and apparently lots of others) to start sewing again, and that is awesome!!!!! I wish you the most success, you deserve it.


  13. Deborah

    awesome website, i love the concept. well done abby.

  14. Dioclene

    this is really an awesome post.

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